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Motorola Buzz ic502 Silver - PowerSource Phone
The Motorola Buzz ic502 is one of a new breed of Nextel's PowerSource phones. For use only with Nextel PowerSource plans, the Motorola Buzz ic502 uses the Sprint PCS nationwide network for voice calls and data (like web surfing), but uses the Nextel network for 3 kinds of walkie-talkie services. Plus, the Motorola Buzz ic502 includes an inside and outside display, ruggedized weatherproof shell, audible navigation system, making the Motorola Buzz ic502 a great choice for your next Nextel phone.

  • Compatible Only With Nextel PowerSource Plans
  • The Power Of Both The Sprint Nationwide Voice And Nextel Walkie-talkie Networks
  • Nextel Direct Connect, Group Connect, Direct Talk and Push-to-send Walkie-talkie Services
  • Vibrant Color Display Shows Over 65,000 Colors
  • Quality Speakerphone
  • GPS Location Services Including Telenav Audible Driving Directions
  • Send and Receive Picture and Text Messages
What's In The Box With The Phone
  • Additional Items Included - Battery, Wall Charger, User Guide, SIM Card
Advanced Features
  • GPS Services Support - Yes, Telenav 3.0 Pre-loaded for Audible Driving Directions and Local Points of Interest
  • PC Synchronization - Yes, With USB Cable and Software Sold Separately
Messaging Features
  • Mobile Web Browsing - Yes, Built-in WAP 2.0 Browser With Vision Add-on Rate Plan Feature
  • Text Messaging (SMS) - Yes, 2-Way With Text Messaging Templates With Messaging Add-on Rate Plan Feature
Personalization and Fun Features
  • Multiple Languages - Yes
  • Languages Supported - English, Spanish
  • Customizable Graphics - Yes, Downloadable
  • Games - Yes, Downloadable
Core Features
  • Color Main Display - Yes, Displays Over 65,000 Colors
  • Speakerphone - Yes
  • Push-to-Talk - Supports Nextel iDEN Direct Connect, Group Connect and DirectTalk (Off-network Walkie-talkie)
  • Color - Silver
  • Style - Flip Phone
  • Standard 2.5mm Headset Jack - Yes
  • Warranty - Motorola Factory Warranty
  • Mini-USB Port - Yes
  • To-Do List - Yes
  • Vibrate - Yes
  • Voice Memo - Yes
  • Phonebook Capacity - Up to 900 Contacts
  • Multiple Numbers Per Name - Yes
  • Calculator - Yes
  • Calendar - Yes
  • M3 Hearing Aid Compatible - Yes, M4 Rated
Battery Life
  • Battery Type - LiIon
  • Talk Time - Up to 198 Minutes
  • Standby Time - Up to 150 Hours
Technical Specifications
  • Application Platform - Java
  • Network Compatibility - iDEN 800, CDMA 1900
  • Predictive Text Entry - Yes, T9
  • Dimensions - 3.7 in x 2.1 in x 1.0 in
  • Weight - 4.4 oz
  • Data Download Speed - 1xRTT (Up to 130Kbps)
  • Compatible Carrier - Sprint PCS Voice and Nextel iDEN Walkie-talkie (Push To Talk)
Compatibility Features
  • Available For Purchase Without Service Plan - Yes
  • Device Supports TeleNav Service - Yes
  • Device Supports Group Walkie-Talkie Services - Yes
  • Device Supports PowerSource Plans - Yes

Your Price:  FREE Today!  
Select Nextel plans for Motorola Buzz ic502 Silver - PowerSource Phone free shippingFREE Fast Shipping

Motorola Buzz ic502 Silver - PowerSource Phone for Nextel
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